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Spirulina is known as Spirulina Platensis and is an Aloe extract. It is a natural herbal product. In Ayurveda, this medicine is one of the powerful sources of vitamins and nutrients that are available in nature. Spirulina capsule has great nutritional benefits as it is a combination of spirulina platensis and aloe extract. It is discovered in the lakes of Africa, Central and South America. Its goodness comes in the form of powder and capsule.




Spirulina is a great source of natural digestible protein, low in fat, calorie, cholesterol free source of protein with all amino acids, anti-oxidants, photo-nutrients, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals that acts as an immunity booster and helps to fight various diseases in the body.




General research reveals regular intake of Spirulina capule can increases anti-viral activity in the body. It contains the beneficial aloe vera extract, rich in anti-oxidants that helps to fight diseases. It is an intense source of chlorophyll which acts as a blood purifier. The Spirulina plant is the main source of Vitamin B-12 which is an essential blood building vitamin in vegetarians.




Boosts Energy and Cellular health:


Those who get tired after a whole day’s work and are mentally drained out, can take much benefit from Spirulina capsule. It makes a big difference as it has long term gains. It nourishes the body by providing all the necessary nutrients that boosts energy and cellular health.


Helps Lowering Blood Pressure


Spirulina capsule causes a significant change in vascular system by increasing the synthesis, release of nitric oxide, decreasing the synthesis and release of a vaso narrowing substance from the endothelial cells. It plays a key role in lowering blood cholesterol levels and improves lipid profiles.




It is a microscopic aquatic plant called blue green micro algae that has been discovered in lakes and ponds. The plant is rich in minerals, carbon-dioxide and blessed by nature with a huge resource of valuable nutrients with medicinal properties.




Spirulina come in a pack of 500 mg. capsules. Recommended dosage 1-2 capsules daily after meals.


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